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ATTA sells top-quality products and boasts exceptional service.


ATTA is a customer-focused company with high-quality products and excellent customer service. We build long-term relationships with clients through tailored solutions and unrivaled support. Our commitment to integrity and reliability ensures the best service for our customers.


ATTA provides high-quality diesel engine parts for individuals and businesses. Our range includes turbochargers, fuel injectors, and more for peak engine performance and efficiency. Our products are crafted from fine materials to provide durability and prolong engine life. We offer expert advice and excellent customer support because we understand the importance of a reliable engine. We cater to single vehicles and large fleets with comprehensive resources that meet requirements.


ATTA intends to expand its travel services, while prioritizing customer satisfaction. The company's robust network of partners and suppliers enables it to provide a diverse range of services, including transportation, accommodations, tours, and activities. Customers can also customize their travel packages based on their specific needs and preferences. By enhancing its services, ATTA aims to maintain its leadership position in the industry and be the preferred choice of customers for all their travel and tourism needs.